Smart Charging FAQ's

What electric vehicles are you compatible with?
Our is currently completely compatible with Tesla electric vehicles, with support for other manufacturers coming soon. However, any electric vehicle is compatible with if you have installed a compatible smart electric vehicle charge point.
I've set my car to Smart Charge with, why does my car still charge immediately?
Our system only talks to your Tesla every 30 minutes. This means when you first plug in, you may charge for a short period of time before our system kicks in. To avoid this, we recommend you set a schedule on your car to tell your car to start charging at midnight every night. will override this schedule within 30 minutes of you plugging in your vehicle.
I've signed up, but my Tesla isn't Smart Charging.
To control charging, we need to have communications with your car at all times. Under 'Power Management" settings in your Tesla account there is a tick box called "always connected" - please ensure this is ticked in your Tesla, to allow us to charge your car using the cheapest greenest energy available.
Why does the app require me to log in with my Tesla username/password?
We use this in order to be able to ready the state of charge of your battery and also to allow us to start and stop charging of your car. Our platform will charge your car based on a combination of the cheapest price of your electricity tariff and the carbon intensity index.
Do you store my Tesla credentials on your servers?
No, we only use the credentials to obtain an access Token to your Tesla. This token is validate for 60 days only. After then we will be locked out from your vehicle.
I don’t want to hand my Tesla username/password or token details over, but I’m still interested in Smart Charging.
We understand that not everyone is comfortable with handing over these details. We are currently working on a hardware solution with a number of charge point providers. If you would like to use the system, please let us know and we can discuss how this can be installed in your garage/driveway.

General Questions

I'm an EV owner, where can I download the app?
Our app is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just search for ''
How secure is the platform?
Our platform is accessed via HTTPS, which provides the same level of encryption as used by all the online banks. We have firewalls put up on our servers as well as intruder detection systems in place.
I’m already on a cheap Economy 7 tariff, how can you provide a better rate than this:
Through out certain times of the year there can be excess energy generate by renewables such as wind and solar. When there is an abundance of this energy, the actual energy prices drop further.
What’s this reward system?
Complete 10 or more smart charges of at least 10kWh each, and we'll send you a £5 coffee voucher for you to recharge on the go! Didn't receive your voucher? No problem, please email us: admin "at"
My tariff isn’t in your settings
No problem, please email us: admin "at" and let us know the details of the tariff and we’ll add that to your system.
I’m not interested in Smart Charging app, how do I remove my account
Just email us at admin 'at' with your email that you registered with and we will remove your account and all details from our system
I've got an idea for a new feature in the app...
We want to make the app the best it can be. If you have an idea for a new feature or an improvement to an existing feature, email admin 'at'