Challenger and technology focussed brand Igloo Energy selected to launch an app to help reduce Tesla charging emissions by 20 per cent, and reward customers with free coffee in exchange for smart charging. Igloo’s focus is on delivering “energy for the connected generation”. and Igloo estimated that owners of the electric vehicles (EVs) could expect to cut their carbon emissions by ~20% over the course of a year (based on moving a regular four-hour charge from 6pm to 1am for the period 1 Jan 2018 to 31 December 2018).

Igloo’s Smart EV app was delivered in partnership with It links a customer’s Tesla and Igloo Energy accounts to automatically charge the customer’s electric vehicle at times when carbon emissions from the electricity used are at their lowest. In return, Igloo customers are rewarded with free coffee.

In the background, analyses National Grid forecasts to select times when low carbon generation is feeding into the grid, rather than using the first available electricity.

Users can set a time by which they want their car charged and the app and’s platform ensure the car is ready by the time they need it. If customers then need their car charged more quickly, they can boost their charging as needed.

In press releases, Igloo Energy’s chief executive Matt Clemow, said: “We’re always looking for ways to help our customers reduce how and when they use energy, while minimising the effort our customers need to put in to do so. Our new app links to the existing Tesla electric car account to further reduce its carbon footprint, and it requires minimum effort on the customer’s part.

“The electricity grid in the UK is supplied by many different types of generation, whether that be renewables like wind, solar or hydro through to dirtier fuels like coal and gas. By setting your car to recharge when the generation that’s actually supplying the grid is as clean as possible it cuts actual carbon emissions – making journeys even cleaner.”

If you are an Igloo customer, you can register for the Smart EV app here: The app is available for download from the Google Play and Apple App store.