We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Rolec, a leading EV charge point manufacture!
Together we provide a fully integrated smart charging solution for all electric vehicles

Rolec EV is launching a new range of smart home EV chargers that allow drivers to manage charging through an app.

The EV HomeSmart chargers will be integrated with the EV.Energy cloud-based backend, and are eligible under Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ (OLEV) grant scheme.

Drivers will be able to programme the charger to charge at specific times, with the EV.Energy app also integrating with a homeowner’s electricity provider to charge at the cheapest rate. Charging history will be available to see through the app, including live charging status, electricity used in kWh, energy costs and carbon savings.

The chargers are enabled at speeds of 3.6kW or 7.2kW and are being launched as part of the WallPod EV charging portfolio. It’s the second addition to the portfolio announced this month, with a range of solar powered chargers also being launched.

Nick Woolley, managing director of EV.Energy, said the aim is to help drivers confidently manage EV charging.

“One of the most exciting features of EV HomeSmart is the facility to equip the EV driver with options to use the cheapest, greenest and most suitable EV charging electricity tariffs available,” he added.

Kieron Alsop, managing director of Rolec EV, said: “WallPod EV HomeSmart has been specifically designed to put the EV driver at the heart of the charging experience and is packed with many new and exciting features.”

• For more information about WallPod EV HomeSmart call Rolec on 01205 724754 or email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk