We’ve asked some of our users to tell us a little about their home charging setups and their experience using the ev.energy app.

Our final profile features Anthony Jones. Below he explains his current setup and how he gets the most out of his ev.energy powered app to save money and carbon when he smart-charges his EV at home.

My Setup:

  • – Tesla Model 3
  • – Rolec HomeSmart EV
  • – Igloo Energy – Pioneer Tariff including 3,600 free miles offer


I have the Rolec smart charger installed. I choose it mainly because I wanted a tethered charger with a longer cable than most offer and the other tethered units I looked at didn’t allow for it to be lengthened.

While there are quite a few ‘smart’ chargers available, the Rolec charger (with ev.energy) was one of the few that actually knows the state of charge of my Tesla Model 3. I question how smart a charger can really be without this, so that was another important factor in my choice.

I’m on the Igloo Energy Pioneer tariff and am able to track all my costs and emissions in the Igloo Ev app powered by ev.energy. In addition, Igloo and ev.energy have partnered to offer me 3600 miles of free charging each year which makes already cheap EV running costs even better value! On top of that, Smart Charging further reduces the cars carbon impact. I’m happy with the tariff I’m on, but using the stats from the app, I also have the information needed to assess the best tariffs for me if I wanted to revisit suppliers in the future.