The Results's software shifted Igloo customers' charging from peak to off-peak periods, allowing them to wake up to a full charge while doing their bit for the environment, and saving on their energy bill.

Up to 50% saved using off-peak vs. peak wholesale & distribution costs

Hundreds £s saved per customer (on an equivalent annualised basis)

Typical 30% CO2 saving per kWh by charging during cleaner off-peak periods

Typical 0.25 tonne of CO2 saved per customer (on an equivalent annualised basis)

How can help you?


Gain high-margin EV customers

Customer-friendly app simplifies charging.

Back-end optimisation platform unlocks value from wholesale & grid service markets.


Up-sell smart services

Increase utilisation of your network by integrating energy supply services.

Unlock grid services through automatic integration with National Grid and DNO.


Save money and energy

Save on your energy bill by automatically charging during off-peak hours.

Keep track of your charging, energy spend, and carbon footprint.