We’ve put together a handy guide that answers some of the most common questions from our customers on smart charging. In a hurry? Watch our video.

“What is smart charging?”
Smart charging works by scheduling the time at which your EV charges based on your energy tariff and the current carbon intensity of the grid. Usually, drivers come home from work, plug in, and start charging right away – but this coincides with the natural peaks in domestic energy demand. Smart charging presses “pause” on charging until the demand in the house has gone down, and greener, cheaper energy is more readily available.

“Will my car be fully charged when I need it?”
Use the app to schedule when you need your car fully charged by. We’ll then automatically optimise charging at times when the price is lowest, and energy is greenest – all while ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you need it.

“Can I Smart Charge with any EV on any charger?”
Smart charging is currently only available at your home address. Tesla owners can Smart Charge on any home charger in the UK and Ireland by signing in with their Tesla Account. Alternatively, you can Smart Charge any electric vehicle if you’ve installed a Rolec HomeSmart EV charger at home. We’re working hard to integrate more vehicles and chargers with our system in the near future.

“How is it better for the environment?”
Using the National Grid’s carbon intensity forecasts we will align the times at which we charge your EV with periods where there is an excess energy supply from renewable sources such as wind and solar. One year of Smart Charging saves 140kg of carbon the equivalent to the carbon sequestered in seven 10 year old trees.

“Will I actually save any money?”
If you are on a variable rate energy tariff, enabling Smart Charging allows our platform to analyse the National Grids energy demand forecasts and optimise charging of your EV. Charging in off peak hours when the demand for energy is low will help you save money. Our customers have been able to save up to £150 a year off their energy bill.

“How can I change my energy tariff or supplier?”
For more accurate Energy Cost and Savings stats, tell us about your home energy supply. You can change your energy tariff details in the ev.energy app by heading ‘Account’ > ‘Profile Settings’. Want to change your energy provider and start saving money off your energy bill? Click here